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New Lamp Table Collections - Different models (Online Exclusive) 


  • A lamp table is typically placed next to a couch, armchair, or bed, holding a lamp that provides focused light for activities like reading, working on a laptop, or completing close-up tasks.
  • Enhances decor and adds ambiance: Lamp tables come in various styles and materials, allowing you to complement your existing decor and create a desired atmosphere. They can add a touch of personality, elegance, or whimsy to a room.
  • Spiritual atmosphere: The combination of a religious sculpture and a warm lamp light can create a sense of peace and serenity in your space.
  • Provides additional surface space: The flat surface of the table can be used to display decorative items like photos, plants, or small sculptures.
  • In essence, lamp tables combine function with form, offering practical lighting solutions while also contributing to the overall style and mood of a space.


Online Special Sale - Not available to view in store. 

**Online Exclusive products may take 10-12 business day for dispatch & then available for delivery/pick up. So Please book it prior accordingly.


*Images are for illustration purposes only. Colors may slightly vary from actual product.

Lamp Table

PriceFrom $180.00
  • Overall Measurements for each model:

    Bellevue Model - 70x70x60.5cm, Charles Concrete Top - 60X60X50CM, Coastal White - 60X60X45CM, HomeStead - 60X60X45CM & Montauk - 60X60X45CM.

    *Online Exclusive - Not available to view in store

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