Brand New Ortho Latex Affinity - 5 Zone Latex Foam Pocket Spring Mattress


  • Affinity exclusive pressure relieving pocket design and spring system, your Latex mattress responds to your body, resulting in a deep, undisturbed night's sleep.
  • Pocket spring mattresses feature springs that are individually housed in their own fabric pocket, allowing each of them to work independently of the others.
  • 5 zone mattresses which providing consistent support over the entire sleep-surface, intelligently responds to support and alleviate pressure points (such as the lower back, hips, shoulders) and deliver instant and unrivalled comfort that lasts the entire night. 
  • Latex is a natural material derived from the sap of the rubber tree and is then transformed into latex foam used in natural latex mattresses.
  • Hypoallergenic-They also possess great anti-bacterial properties, are virtually dust mite resistant and ventilation properties, which can do wonders for you if you suffer from asthma or any type of allergies.
  • Natural Latex is Biodegradable and more environmentally friendly
  • The individually-encased pocket springs will also vastly reduce partner disturbance- when one person rolls over, the other will barely feel it! Ideal for those restless sleepers!
  • The combination of dual spring padding and a Premium soft knitted fabric cover on the 8cm multi-layered Latex Eurotop will give relief to those aching pressure points.
  • It features flip-free technology for many years of enjoyment.


Firmness - Hard

Available now - Double, Queen & King sizes 

Ortho Latex Affinity