Brand New Luxury Regal - 7 Zone Memory Foam Quality Pocket Spring Mattress


  • Pocket spring mattresses feature springs that are individually housed in their own fabric pocket, allowing each of them to work independently of the others.
  • 7 zone mattresses which providing consistent support over the entire sleep-surface, intelligently responds to support and alleviate pressure points (such as the lower back, hips, shoulders) and deliver instant and unrivalled comfort that lasts the entire night.
  • Memory wave foam provides relief for people with poor circulation, fused vertebrae, and conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoporosis
  • The premium quality stretchable knitted fabric covering provides a smooth and luxury comfort feel and gives your mattress a smooth and silky softness and natural touch.


Floor Stock in Queen size

Luxury Regal

AU$1,449.00 Regular Price
AU$899.00Sale Price

    • 32cm thickness
    • Premium quality stretchable knitted fabric covering for all sides of the mattress
    • A top quilting layer of pillow top construction with memory foam and double layer high density foams
    • 7-zone pocket spring system providing ultimate support and comfort
    • A bottom quilting layer of high density foam and stretchable knitted fabric
    • Hypoallergenic and hygiene materials


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