Brand New Cloud Dream Bamboo Wave Foam Pocket Spring Mattress 


  • Pocket spring mattresses feature springs that are individually housed in their own fabric pocket with more density, allowing each of them to work independently of the others.
  • No Partner Disturbance effect when sharing the mattress with a partner as the springs react to the weight applied directly to each one. It supports your spine as it only reacts to the weight that is applied directly to each one, meaning each part of your body is given just the right support.
  • Pocket Spring relives pressure points as each part of your body is given more tailored support pressure points are less likely to occur. 
  • Euro Top Layer - Top quilting euro top construction with multi-layered high density foams with top layer of upholstery directly connected to mattress. 
  • Weight is diffused throughout the mattress which provide support, comfort and durability
  • The infusion of gel into wave foam was the next step in the evolution of getting a better sleep with a technologically more advance sleeping surface.
  • Premium bamboo Knitted Fabric - The premium quality stretchable bamboo knitted fiber has been used in woven mattress covers over the memory foam beds to wick moisture away from the body to increase comfort.


Available now - Queen size (Medium Firm)


Cloud Dream

PriceFrom AU$550.00